First Impression: My Home Hero

A family of three—Tetsuo Tosu, his 18-year-old daughter Reika, and his wife Kasen—are living a normal life as Reika goes off to school to practice music and start her career. She plays the piano well and even composed and recorded a song for her father, who is protective of her—as any decent father should be of his only daughter. When they meet at a restaurant and he sees she has been physically abused, he asks about it, but Reika becomes upset and leaves. Going to her apartment to see how she’s doing, Tetsuo is shocked when he overhears a group of men talking about how Nobuto, Reika’s boyfriend, punched her several times. But things are about to get worse as one of the men discovers that Tetsuo was tailing them, and he’s beaten to unconsciousness. The next day, he goes to Reika’s house where Nobuto shows up instead, bragging on the phone about how he will eventually take her life and steal her inheritance from her grandfather. Tetsuo hides in the closet and when he has a chance, attacks Nobuto and takes his life. Kasen also shows up to check on her daughter and finds the bloody scene, but assures Tetsuo that they can hide the body. Nobuto is involved with the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, and they will want revenge for what happened. The episode ends with Nobuto’s father, a high-ranking Yakuza member, telling another boss how it is important for parents to protect their children, not knowing his only son has just been murdered.

Wow, what a rush this first episode is! If you enjoy thrillers, then My Home Hero will get you going. I was on the edge of my seat once the action finally started. Be aware, however: there is a lot of violence, mention of violent acts, and physical abuse; this is not a show for younger audiences or those that may be triggered by these kinds of displays. I also wasn’t too impressed with the animation, as it seemed somewhat on the lower end of the quality spectrum, and I would have liked to get to know Tetsuo and his family a little more before the action shifted into high gear. Some scenes certainly felt rushed. But on a positive note, the topics that this anime deals with are unique. I was a little shocked at how realistic the episode felt. This is a very tense show, so just know it’s not for the light-hearted. As for me, I do want to see what happens next as episode one ends on quite a cliffhanger!

My Home Hero can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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