First Impression: Rokudo’s Bad Girls

Rokudo is the “chew toy” for the delinquents in his school and finds himself being picked on every day by those who consider him weak. It doesn’t seem to matter what he does—if it’s looking at a girl or just walking to school—he and his friends, nicknamed Chief and Colonel, always find themselves in situations where they are bullied. One day, however, Rokudo gets a mysterious gift from his grandfather, with a warning claiming that Rokudo’s life is in danger and the promise that if he uses his gift, he’ll be protected. With the encouragement of his friends, Rokudo decides to use the gift, but what he never expected was that all the bad girls in school now have their eyes on him and want to protect him! What is Rokudo going to do with this newfound attention and will he really be protected from bullies now?

I will be the first to admit that this didn’t seem like it would be my cup of tea, but a romantic plot with bad girls seemed interesting enough that I wanted to try it out. While I found the beginning rather boring, once the bad girls started noticing Rokudo and changing how they treated him, I was more interested in seeing what would happen next. Rokudo even surprised me later on, with his claim that he wanted to protect one certain young woman who everyone is afraid of! I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around his logic of manliness as being “cute,” but I had to give him credit for being willing to stand up and potentially fight those who picked on him before the young woman showed up in his life. The animation was good, but I wasn’t fully sold on the art style. The thick black lines somehow feel distracting when you’re watching, though I can’t quite explain why. I seriously doubt I will continue watching Rokudo’s Bad Girls, but I will say that my biggest takeaway from this first episode is that everyone has thighs. Not the greatest takeaway, but I’ll remember that for a while. Ha!

Rokudo’s Bad Girls is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Laura A. Grace

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