First Impression: The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior

At eight years old, Princess Pride awakens to memories of her past life, recalling how when she was eighteen and lived in Japan, Truck-kun isekai’d her. Now she realizes she’s living in an otome game…and she’s the utterly despicable villainess. Others see her as acquiring a hereditary power of precognition, but from Pride’s POV, she’s just remembering things from the game. Of particular note, she remembers/foresees that she has a younger sister, Tiara–the game’s protagonist. For some reason, Pride’s mother the queen has largely ignored her and focused her attention on the other daughter she’s kept secret from Pride. Well, once Pride’s gift becomes known, her place in the line of succession is secured, and the government conscripts a young boy named Stale to be Pride’s aide, ripping him away from his mother. This is apparently a custom of her kingdom, but it’s a pretty disturbing practice that suggests all is not well in this world. In the future, Stale will be one of the game’s love interests. Throughout these events, Pride has disturbing flashbacks/premonitions of things Game Pride did, like forcing Stale to kill his mother.

This was one of my most hyped new series this season (I’m a big fan of the light novels), and I’m not disappointed. Pride is a real sweetheart, and it’s really cool how the story integrates Pride’s past-life game knowledge with her present life’s gift of precognition. Pride is also interesting because, unlike most “villainess” characters, she’s not really trying to avoid her bad end. She does aim to be a better person than Game Pride, but ultimately she thinks it’s inevitable that somehow she’ll turn evil and need to be killed (even asking Stale to be ready to do so when that day comes). This, along with her precognition, raises some interesting questions about things like fate or destiny. Just how set in stone is the future, and how much can Pride actually change it? Keep watching to find out! Definitely recommend trying this one.

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior is streaming on HiDIVE.


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