First Impression: My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1

Sato has worked himself to his grave as a salaryman in Japan, and now finds himself in a dungeon of a world he knows nothing about. Thankfully, he crosses paths with Emily, a girl who is able to help, and who informs him of how people acquire food: the drops in the dungeon are bean sprouts, of course! As his new friend explains the drops, she also asks him if he wants to find out his rank. Much to both their surprise, Sato is a level one rank, but has S rank drops! Despite how weak he is, he decides to capitalize on this new information and gets drops like Emily has never seen before! So begins his new adventure of using the most powerful skill in this new world!

Once again another isekai has premiered this season with a similar premise to its predecessors–apart from the bean sprouts! I don’t read or watch too many isekai that are outside of the villainess isekai genre, but this sure seemed like an interesting take for an isekai! After all, how many level-one characters get drops that are bean sprouts? And not just bean sprout drops, but a world where bean sprouts can be turned in to the guild for good money? (No spoilers, but that’s not even the only vegetable that Sato gets from a dungeon. Ha!) Outside of this focus on bean sprouts though, I loved the heroine that Sato interacts with! Emily Brown is so sweet and I love her energy and bright attitude! I also appreciated how she doesn’t seem like just another heroine who is in the hero’s “harem” for the sake of fan service. Instead, Emily and Sato have a touching conversation that leads to an even more touching and lasting interaction later on. I watched the dub, which was available before the sub, and it’s been so many years since I’ve watched dubbed that I didn’t super enjoy having an English voiceover, but I did think the dub was good. The animation was also nice and I really liked the outfits of Emily and Sato. The opening song will be one that’s added to my list of songs for jamming to, and left a strong impression on me, encouraging me to keep watching despite not initially being sold on the bean sprouts (I’m not a fan of the food in general). Ha! Even if this episode is not among my favorites from this season, I do want to watch the next episode because I’m curious to see if the other dungeons that Sato visits will have different vegetables that are dropped. Ha!

My Unique Skill Still Makes me OP Even at Level 1 is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Laura A. Grace

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