Fanart Friday: Yor vs. King Bradley

Artist Haraya has been doing a series of fanart pieces bringing together the worlds of Spy x Family and Fullmetal Alchemist, and they work really well! We’ve featured a couple in the past that play up the wonder and cuteness of these series, but today’s gets a little more serious with Yor looking to be at a disadvantage against King Bradley!

harayaultimate target 」 ☆

reprinted w/permission

Here’s a cool set of drawings illustrating the process from sketch to final product!

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5 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: Yor vs. King Bradley

  1. Oh wow! Such a cool picture! I love that we get to see all the layers of the picture. For someone like me, that’s studying to improve my art, this is really helpful!

  2. My money’s on Yor — especially if she remembers she needs to protect Anya. My guess is the artist captured Yor just after a Bradley launched a surprise attack and just before she remembers that from her perspective, physics are less a set of laws and more a set of optional guidelines.

    1. Oh gosh, I dunno. Bradley is so crazy strong. But I agree—Anya being involved would make a huge difference for Yor!

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