First Impression: SPY x FAMILY Season 2

The Forger family, consisting of a deadly assassin, world-class spy, a telepathic grade school, and precognitive pooch is back for more hijinks! The beginning of season two’s first episode begins with a review of season one before getting right back into the action with the Forger household. Yor, The Thorn Princess, has completed the job of eliminating a gang called the Red Circus, but one member, on the brink of death and holding a gun, pulls the trigger and shoots Yor…right in the bottom! It’s painful would but she refuses to tell her husband, Loid, about it; she’s also not exactly in the best of moods due to the injury. Loid, seeing that she’s upset, determines to cheer her up by asking her on a date, to which she agrees. Yor’s never been on a date before so she’s looking forward to the experience and Loid tries his best to make it fun, but imagine taking a bullet to your backside—she can’t sit down anywhere they go. Meanwhile, Anya is trailing to the two in disguises, following as they visit several places like the movies, a massage, a parol, and finally a restaurant. Once again, Yor is still unable to sit down. But that’s the least of her troubles as a remaining member of the gang she had virtually eliminated attempts to assassinate her, but by slipping in blowfish poison to her dish, which she’s immune to, her pain is actually reduced! And thanks to Anya, who foils another plot by the gangster, all goes well for the Forgers in the end and they live to see another day!

Spy x FAMILY is back and I’m looking forward to seeing what other mixups the Forgers get themselves into! I am not caught up on the manga, so I’m not sure what direction it will head, but I hope the family reveals their true identities to one another, leading to less tension between them…or maybe not, as that’s also what makes this anime unique. The OP this cours is very colorful and fun, one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while. As for episode one, nothing too offbeat happens; it’s more just like another episode than the start of a new season, but that’s alright. I’m glad nothing too major was changed in the series structure, though I am looking forward to more twists to the story as sticking to just one-offs without progressing the main plot much can get dull. I will certainly be following it to see if it heads down in a more progressive direction!

You can stream Spy x Family on Crunchyroll.


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