First Impression: Dead Mount Death Play Cour 2

Sure you are, “Corpse God.”

The Polka is back! No, not that kind of polka. The fake Polka. No, not that kind of fake polka either. Look, it’s a story by Narita Ryōgo (Baccano, Durarara, etc.), all right? So of course it’s going to be a little hard to explain. But like all of Narita’s masterpieces, Dead Mount Death Play features an ever-expanding cast of characters who are each pursuing their own lives, and yet whose paths become inexorably drawn and woven together. The otherworldly(?) necromancer Corpse God is still inhabiting the corpse of Polka, while the real Polka’s soul is still inhabiting…a…shark…plushie. Yeah. They and the other characters around them continue trying to uncover the truth about Corpse God’s old world, the parts of it that are spilling over into ours, and each other. This time, an internet streamer catches one of Corpse God’s stunts (a bunch of ghostly hands rising out of a building) on video, attracting even more attention to the building where CG has bunkered down for the time being. A couple of new characters join the cast this time, too: a spunky, determined reporter who smells a scoop around Corpse God, and an assassin who looks like he could dunk a basketball without leaving the ground. Oh, and it looks like the assassin has a history with the young boy who is presently serving as Corpse God’s bodyguard…

Oh man! This was one of my favorite shows when it started airing earlier this year, and I’m super excited at its return! It would be enough if it were just a reverse-isekai mystery-fantasy, but Narita is so good at creating unusual, compelling characters—and at embedding them in a web of fascinating relationships. To top it off, there’s the top-notch animation quality, the humor, and the character designs. If you can put up with the periodic NSFW visuals (some nudity and bloody violence), this is a masterpiece.

Dead Mount Death Play is streaming on Crunchyroll.


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