Fanart Friday, Too: Kagome and the Shikon Jewel

Inuyasha endures in the hearts of fans in both Japan and the rest of the world. It was a series that many grew up on—did you watch Inuyasha as a kid?

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6 thoughts on “Fanart Friday, Too: Kagome and the Shikon Jewel

  1. I’m old enough that I watched InuYasha as an adult! My first anime, and one that’s very precious in my heart. Without InuYasha, I never become an otaku and meet all you great people. That’s why I celebrate May 14, InuYasha Day, as the first day I watched the show which changed my life.

    1. Inuyasha is such a great anime! It was one of my first anime too. Though, I didn’t watch the anime when it was first released, I saw it years later as reruns late at night on the Sci-fi channel.

      1. Ohhh I didn’t know it showed on that channel! I watched some of my first anime on that network wayyyy back around 2000.

    2. I had no idea there was an Inuyasha Day! And yeah, for sure, I know how big a place this series has in your life. It was so important for so many others of our generation, too. I get such a warm feeling even now when i hear one of the OPs or EDs playing.

  2. Inuyasha was also my first “grown-up” anime aside from the kid-marketed things like Pokémon and Digimon. I revisited Inuyasha a few years ago, and the recap Kagome gives at the beginning of one of the early episodes is so complex (thanks in large part due to the bloated cast of supporting characters) that I’m really glad I read the first few volumes of the manga.

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