30 Day Anime Challenge

Tumblr is a great medium for many things – among them are the 30 day challenges.  The 30 Day Anime Challenge is a now-classic one.  However, all things, after time, need some revision.  And so, I’ve taken the original list (which is fantastic) and made some modifications, replacing some questions and reordering others to create what I believe is an even stronger challenge.

Thankfully, many 30 Day Anime Challenge enthusiasts have begun using the new list!  I hope you’ll also take the challenge – it’s a lot of fun!

Please feel free to use the questions below and do whatever you’d like with them – answer some and not others; make up your own questions; reword questions; and whatever else you’d like!  You can also tag me as you go along – I’d love to see your responses.

30 Day Challenge

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