Newman’s Nook: Sanrio Self Loathing

Sanrio Boys (Sanrio Danshi) is an anime series based on the manga of the same name about a group of high school boys who are into the cuteness of Sanrio products. We've got Kouta all into Pompompurin. We've got Yuu who loves My Melody. Shunsuke who's a huge Hello Kitty fan. Seiichiro who's in love with Cinnamoroll… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Sanrio Self Loathing

Newman’s Nook: Lost Stranger Martyr

In the isekai manga series, Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Yoko and Shogo Sasaki are siblings who loved Final Fantasy games as kids. They pledged to one another early in life that together they would get jobs at Square-Enix and create their own Final Fantasy game. Now as adults, they seem to be living their dream as… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Lost Stranger Martyr

Newman’s Nook: Donyatsu’s Prayer and Questions

Donyatsu is an interesting manga (and short-form anime series) about a post-apocalyptic world setting where, so far, the only survivors are animals who's bodies are also pastries. And mice. The main character is a donut shaped cat named Donytatsu. Seems fitting. After a strange attack by other-worldly beings, Donyatsu gets lost from his pastry animal… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Donyatsu’s Prayer and Questions

First Impressions: Mitchiri Neko

Mitchiri Neko is a Japanese app, game, and comic strip series that was recently turned into an anime (i.e. this season). In 2013, this gave us the satisfyingly adorable animation of cats on parade. For 2018, we get a short-form anime series where the cats are just acting cute in 3 minute shorts. Each… Continue reading First Impressions: Mitchiri Neko

First Impressions: Working Buddies!

Working Buddies! (Hataraku Onii-san!) is a short form-anime series about anthropomorphic cats doing odd jobs during college. Our two main cats are an energetic calico named Tapio Chatorazawa and the pessimistic Russian blue Kuehiko Roshihara. The first episode shows our two lead cats on the job delivering packages. The entire episode goes from the warehouse… Continue reading First Impressions: Working Buddies!

Fall 2017 Anime Thoughts

With the close of the Fall 2017 anime season, the Beneath the Tangles decided to look back at the season answering two questions: What was the biggest surprise of this season for you? What was your favorite series of the season? In addition to that - we asked the staff one more question: What was… Continue reading Fall 2017 Anime Thoughts

12 Days of Anime Christmas, Day 8: A Very Special Sakura Quest

On a very special, quasi-Christmas themed episode of Sakura Quest, one of our leading characters, Maki, returns disappointed from Tokyo. She had been an excellent actress and had a few opportunities to act earlier in life. Since then, she's all but given up until an opportunity suddenly came her way. Her friends and family encouraged… Continue reading 12 Days of Anime Christmas, Day 8: A Very Special Sakura Quest

Newman’s Nook: Fool as Isaiah Figure

We here at Beneath the Tangles seem to constantly be looking for Christ-like figures in anime. Can you blame us? We are a group of professing Christians who love anime and, frankly, you see self-sacrificing figures seeking to redeem or protect their friends, family, or people in anime on a regular basis. So, Christ-like figures… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Fool as Isaiah Figure

Newman’s Nook: We Don’t Know What’s Best

Episode 17 of Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou) is entitled, "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions." It is fitting as the episode progresses and we see the interactions between the various characters. The newest teacher at the school, Aoki, has frustrated many of the characters with her good… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: We Don’t Know What’s Best

Newman’s Nook: The Face We Show the World

I'm watching two new shows this season. My first impressions can be reviewed here (Himouto! Umaru-chan R) and here (Love is Like a Cocktail). They are two different series with very different characters, but they do have a common thread. Let's discuss a little further. Himouto! Umaru-chan R is a series about a young girl… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: The Face We Show the World