Gasaraki: the Collective, Conscience, and Freedom

Gasaraki is one of the classic mecha anime.  "If it's a classic," you ask, "why have I never heard of it before?"  Despite the great animation (at least, to a connoisseur of 90's anime like myself), many layers of intrigue, a unique plot, and great mecha battles, the dialog can be very abstruse--so abstruse that… Continue reading Gasaraki: the Collective, Conscience, and Freedom

12 Days of Anime Christmas, Day 6: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor and Reverence for the Sacred

May all of our dear readers be enjoying a blessed Advent!  Having watched the original Irresponsible Captain Tylor anime, I thought that I would be writing about justice and mercy and the need to balance the two.  However, while watching the "White Christmas" episode of the OVA, a blasphemous mural of the Madonna and child… Continue reading 12 Days of Anime Christmas, Day 6: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor and Reverence for the Sacred

The Real Place of Phos’s People in Fractured Humanity

Houseki no Kuni, also known as Land of the Lustrous, does a great job of crafting a mysterious and complex world with very few people.  One of the most interesting developments in the world building comes from Phos's digestion by a giant snail.  After they get this monster under control and reconstitute Phos from the monster's… Continue reading The Real Place of Phos’s People in Fractured Humanity

The Laws of the Flesh and the Spirit in R.O.D.

Recently, I gave the Read or Die manga a chance.  The OVA and TV series have been great favorites of mine from my first years as an anime junkie.  And so, I hoped for good things from the manga, which derived from a light novel--back when light novels had no special stigma against them.  If… Continue reading The Laws of the Flesh and the Spirit in R.O.D.

WorldEnd: How Reincarnation Ruins Romance

I just finished watching WorldEnd: Etc.  (Who would ever scribble out the entire title?)  This stood as my favorite anime of the last season.  (Though, my selection of anime series from the last season was quite small.)  The author of this series did a wonderful job of world-building.  Digressions on the world's past did much… Continue reading WorldEnd: How Reincarnation Ruins Romance

Is Griffith More Like Benson’s or Lewis’ Antichrist?

While watching Berserk, it struck me that Griffith is essentially a type of Antichrist. Griffith deceives the nations with his power and glamour, has an army of demons at his beck and call, and has gained his power from hell. What could be more like the Antichrist? Yet, this sort of Antichrist is more like… Continue reading Is Griffith More Like Benson’s or Lewis’ Antichrist?

No One is Saved Alone: Farnese’s Journey to Virtue

Berserk turns many people away with its sex, gore, perversion, and very dark world.  Some might justly wonder whether the series has anything beyond sex, violence, and shock value, but there is plenty of good to the series also.  Much of it comes in watching the heroes becomes better persons throughout the series.  Many people know… Continue reading No One is Saved Alone: Farnese’s Journey to Virtue

Braz and the Sinister God

The idea for this article came out of my cogitations on Blood Lad. The anime provides scads of fun and excitement over the course of ten episodes. Still, as many bloggers noted, it leaves more loose ends than an unfinished tapestry. One of the more enjoyable aspects of the show is the dynamic between the… Continue reading Braz and the Sinister God

Danganronpa and Divorcing Hope from Theology

Danganronpa proves Chesterton's assertion that it is a real shame so much bad fiction becomes lost: we have so much to learn from its mistakes!  Now, Danganronpa is not that bad of an anime (I have not played the video game, though the anime wears its origins on its sleeve), but the hero fights against… Continue reading Danganronpa and Divorcing Hope from Theology

Examining Light Novels: Direct Access vs. Mediation

Reading Slayers called to my mind a salient difference between Protestantism and Catholicism: direct access worship vs. mediated worship.  What do I mean?  Catholicism--and Orthodox Churches, for that matter--have an order of the priesthood.  Three levels exist within the priesthood: diaconate, presbyterate, and episcopate.  The bishop has full power to perform any of the seven… Continue reading Examining Light Novels: Direct Access vs. Mediation