First Impressions Spring 2018 Wrap-Up

The Spring 2018 anime season is now well underway, so here is a post to wrap up this season's "first impressions" period. In case you're late in starting the anime season, here are all the full first impressions we have written this season, listed in alphabetical order: 3D Kanojo Real Girl Caligula (plus Sakura-Con coverage!)… Continue reading First Impressions Spring 2018 Wrap-Up

First Impressions: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

(Note: this "first impresssions" post covers both episodes 1 and 2.) Karen is a college student who has quite the complex over her tall height. She takes an interest in VR games since they allow her to live a different life, but as she tries out various games, their randomly-generated avatars are all tall girls… Continue reading First Impressions: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

First Impressions: Hinamatsuri

Yoshifumi Nitta is a young man who is part of a yakuza gang, and is living the good life with the acquisition of some valuable vases, when a strange thing materializes out of nowhere and drops onto his head and into his life. Inside is a girl who calls herself Hina and has telekinetic powers,… Continue reading First Impressions: Hinamatsuri

First Impressions: Tada Never Falls In Love

Mitsuyoshi Tada is a high school guy who has infinitely more interest in photography than love. One day, while trying to take photos of sakura blossoms, a blonde foreigner inadvertently photobombs his view, and he ends up taking a picture for her. He runs into her several times later that same day, and finds out… Continue reading First Impressions: Tada Never Falls In Love

First Impressions: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

(Note: this post covers both episodes 1 and 2 that were made available for viewing on the same day.) Special Week is a horse girl raised in the countryside by her adoptive mother, who goes to the city to attend Trucen Academy in hopes of becoming the top horse girl. Along the way she stops… Continue reading First Impressions: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Recovery of a Loot Box Junkie

love live school idol festival kotori minami ur

Recently, the video game industry has gotten itself into quite a quagmire regarding the implementation of loot boxes in video games. For those that don’t know, loot boxes are items in video games that, when opened, will give you a random item from a larger pool of items. Most loot box systems will have certain… Continue reading Recovery of a Loot Box Junkie

Isekai for Christians, Part 2: Power Fantasies and Responsibilities

It is time to go back to the wacky world of modern world characters getting transported to fantasy worlds! If you have not read my last post on isekai, please go there and at least read up through the “Acting and Reacting” part of that post, to understand the basics of what isekai is (if… Continue reading Isekai for Christians, Part 2: Power Fantasies and Responsibilities

First Impressions: Mitsuboshi Colors

mitsuboshi colors

"Colors", a group consisting of three young girls who have made it their mission to protect the peace of their town. There's the leader Yui, the mischievous Sacchan, and the game-playing Kotoha, and while they're supposed to help the town out with troubles like thieving cats, as kids they also just like having fun and… Continue reading First Impressions: Mitsuboshi Colors

First Impressions: Slow Start

slow start

Ichinose Hana needed an extra year to study and get into high school. Add in how her birthday falls on the first day of school, and she's starting her first year of high school at seventeen years old, with all of her classmates two years younger than her. Given her circumstances, she feels quite apprehensive… Continue reading First Impressions: Slow Start

First Impressions: citrus

citrus yuzu mei

After her mom remarries, Yuzu moves to a new school and immediately runs into a load of troubles. Getting into conflict with the student council on her first day for her "gyaru" looks? Check. Student council president frisks her and takes her cellphone? Check. School is an uptight all-girls school, largely killing off her chances… Continue reading First Impressions: citrus