Fanart Friday, Too: Strumming Deedlit

Has anyone watched the classic series, Record of Lodoss War? Based on a series of fantasy novels, its sput off a bunch of different properties. I admit, I haven’t watched much of the OVA, but have seen the TV series, which is considered a lesser work. ★ 【銀月】「 66日目,ディードリット 」 ☆

Fanart Friday: Utena and Anthy

Are any of you fans of Revolutionary Girl Utena? It’s certainly a landmark and classic anime, and I think these lovely pieces do the series justice. It’s wonderful to see such amazing fanart developed for a series that’s now this old! ★ 【旧都なぎ】「 天上ウテナ・姫宮アンシー 」 ☆