StarStruck: Be Honest With Your Needs

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Note: Due to changes in the direction of this blog, this will be my last post under the (admittedly short-lived) StarStruck column. Don't worry; this is not the last of my posts by any means! I will continue to regularly publish posts, just without a column name; the nature of those posts will remain the… Continue reading StarStruck: Be Honest With Your Needs

StarStruck: No Friendship Fee

Have you ever felt like you needed to repay someone for their kindness? The idea that we should show kindness back to those who have been kind to us sounds nice enough. After all, no one likes an ungrateful snob who just takes advantage of people’s kindness. However, should we really think of it as… Continue reading StarStruck: No Friendship Fee

StarStruck: Fire Emblem Awakening – A Priest, a Scientist, and a Church

With my new StarStruck column, I can sometimes talk about Japan-based media outside of anime. So today, I will be talking about a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening. One of my favorite games of all time, Awakening is the 13th game in the Fire Emblem series and the game that brought the franchise out of obscurity and made it into one… Continue reading StarStruck: Fire Emblem Awakening – A Priest, a Scientist, and a Church

StarStruck: Monster Girls and Those Who Are Different

Welcome to StarStruck, my new personal column where I talk about all sorts of things related to anime, manga, and other Japanese media. This time, I will be taking a look at monster girls, which have become quite popular recently. While I could not watch more than one episode of Monster Musume due to the high sexual… Continue reading StarStruck: Monster Girls and Those Who Are Different