Review: Silence (2016)

There’s a moment in Silence, Martin Scorsese’s powerful film about persecution of Christians in 17th century, where the main character, Father Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield), whispers, “Am I just praying to silence?” Scorsese’s answer to that question, at the heart of this epic film, may surprise many,—especially those that see him as a director who celebrates… Read More Review: Silence (2016)

TangleCast 35: The Final Fantasy Episode!

Celebrating the recent release of the 10-years-coming Final Fantasy XV,  podcast regulars JP (Japesland) and Casey (CutsceneAddict) join two of our resident Beneath the Tangles gamers, Michael (Samuru) and Josh (JoshW) to discuss the recent Final Fantasy hype as well as the games in the series that have had the biggest personal impact on us individually. As one of the most… Read More TangleCast 35: The Final Fantasy Episode!

TangleCast 31: Otaku Diet

After a serious two-week series on homosexuality, JP (Japesland), Kaze, Jack (R86), and Casey (CutsceneAddict) decided to take it easy by re-introducing one of our favorite features from our old podcast: Otaku Diet. Every one or two months, when we cover what otaku materials we’re consuming, we’ll be talking about the manga, anime, visual novel, light novel, or Japanese video game… Read More TangleCast 31: Otaku Diet

TangleCast 25: Akihabara

The Mecca of all things anime! JP (Japesland),  Jack (R86), and Kaze are no stranger to discussing their times in Japan, and today they’d like to translate those experiences into a helpful, and hopefully eye-opening discussion on Akihabara. What sort of expectations should an anime fan have when visiting this infamous location, and how about Christian otaku? And be… Read More TangleCast 25: Akihabara