Interview with Mirei and Dancing Dolls R

While anime conventions and anime blogging seem to be two neighbors on the same street, they're  drastically different culturally (though perhaps not unrelated on a spiritual level). Conventions are a brand new world for many of us, including myself and Annalyn, who recently attended her first con. But that's an awesome thing for this blog,… Continue reading Interview with Mirei and Dancing Dolls R

12 Days of Otaku Christmas, Day 12: Merry Christmas from Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku brought about a revolution in 2007 that has enabled thousands of artists to break into the music industry with self-produced music sung by a popular voice. Within the world of countless Vocaloid songs, the allure of Christmas-themed music was too strong for producers to resist, resulting in a myriad of Vocaloid Christmas covers, and… Continue reading 12 Days of Otaku Christmas, Day 12: Merry Christmas from Hatsune Miku

TangleCast 22: Our “Favorite” Anime – Kaze

Concluding our series on our favorite anime, JP (Japesland) and Kaze take the conversation in a very different direction, instead defining "favorite" (the quotes in the title are on purpose!) as "most impactful." Many of you are likely familiar with Kaze's strict anime grading standards, so his unique pick may surprise you! Also, we managed not to spoil it… Continue reading TangleCast 22: Our “Favorite” Anime – Kaze

TangleCast 15: Vocaloid

For episode 15, as JP (Japesland) and Jack (R86) give us an accidentally overly-long episode on Vocaloid, sharing not only a brief history of the technology but also our individual encounters with and opinions of it. Both come at this staple of otaku-dom from quite different angles, managing to cover the topic in a unique way. What is it?… Continue reading TangleCast 15: Vocaloid

Nana Mizuki and the Burden of Social Stigma

For those who still don't realize, I will reiterate as much as necessary that I am a huge Nana Mizuki fan. I love, adore, and respect this woman more than anyone else (except Jesus, of course... whew, that was a dangerous line). So much so, that people have pointed out more than once that my… Continue reading Nana Mizuki and the Burden of Social Stigma

Nausicaä + Jazz = …Jesus?!

Ask any of my close friends what my favorite genre of music is. Seriously, ask anyone. If they don't say jazz, please tell me. I will promptly cut all ties with that person and move on with my life as a happier individual, having removed one more false friendship. When I say this, I am… Continue reading Nausicaä + Jazz = …Jesus?!

Top 5 + Guest: Our Favorite Anime Openings

More and more effort and money seems to be put toward anime openings (OP) these days, but more than ever it's striking when an opening strikes such a chord that viewers will watch it each week instead of skipping.  For the winter 2015 season, the Death Parade OP foots the bill - frankly, it's probably… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Our Favorite Anime Openings

Saxy Side of Anime: The Key Anthology Saxophone Collection

If you haven't noticed, I'll say it now - a lot of our writers are big fans of the media that's developed by Key visual novel studio.  One of our bloggers, JP (Japes), has taken that like to a whole other level. On January 1, 2015, JP will be releasing a full saxophone cover album… Continue reading Saxy Side of Anime: The Key Anthology Saxophone Collection

Inspiring Praise: Hatsune Miku, Mitchie M, and the Emotion of Song

hatsune miku

I'm not sure that I could identify myself as an overly emotional person. If you know me as well as my immediate family, that statement probably sounds like an outright lie. Growing up, I was always quick to cry (a source of constant frustration, being a male). Even random conversations that resulted in seemingly little… Continue reading Inspiring Praise: Hatsune Miku, Mitchie M, and the Emotion of Song

Planetarian: An Analysis (Part Three)

Today, James concludes his guest post series on the visual novel, Planetarian, which is among those we recommend for Christian audiences. Note: This post continues directly from the end of Part Two If we keep this meaningful juxtaposition of music and story fixed firmly in our minds and accept the Christian interpretation, the rest of… Continue reading Planetarian: An Analysis (Part Three)