2.2Daniel Cronquist, Writer of Set Apart

3.21Singer and Voice Actress Cait Plage

4.26Spirituality in Miyazaki’s Films: An Interview with Jolyon Thomas

5.4Pastor Jason of The Anime Review

6.3Study of Anime’s Charles Dunbar
6.6Japanese Missionary, Michelle Mikoski

7.5OEL Manga Publisher Jonathan Lin
7.6OEL Manga Writer Gabrielle Gniewek
7.7OEL Manga Artist Sean Lam

8.24Caitlin Glass, FUNimation Voice Actress

9.5Christian Artist, Keiko

10.11Kathleen Kern, Author of Because the Angels

1.11Interview with Caitlin Glass, Part 2: Faith and Voice Acting

4.23Iota Soul: Manga for Orphans

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