2.2:  Daniel Cronquist, Writer of Set Apart

3.21:  Singer and Voice Actress Cait Plage

4.26:  Spirituality in Miyazaki’s Films: An Interview with Jolyon Thomas

5.4:  Pastor Jason of The Anime Review

6.3:  Study of Anime’s Charles Dunbar
6.6:  Japanese Missionary, Michelle Mikoski

7.5:  OEL Manga Publisher Jonathan Lin
7.6:  OEL Manga Writer Gabrielle Gniewek
7.7:  OEL Manga Artist Sean Lam

8.24:  Caitlin Glass, FUNimation Voice Actress

9.5:  Christian Artist, Keiko

10.11:  Kathleen Kern, Author of Because the Angels

1.11:  Interview with Caitlin Glass, Part 2: Faith and Voice Acting

4.23:  Iota Soul: Manga for Orphans

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