InuYasha Episode 120 Notes

St. Hakushin:  I, a saint who saved people and forgave their sins, became lost and died suffering.  Then Naraku, a demon, saved my soul.

Kikyou:  Was it saved?  Then what is this sadness?  This sadness which permeates out of the barrier? 

St. Hakushin:  I was not a saint.  While I was on the brink of death, I realized it.

Kikyou:  And in that place, his soul became bound. And into the darkness of his soul, Naraku appeared. However, hating people…protecting the evil Naraku…was that really your desire? Your soul will not find salvation by keeping such a tainted barrier around you. Is there anyone in this world who has not wandered, who has never sinned?

St. Hakushin:  I had to be such a one. And I resolved to be one.

Kikyou:  I was like you when I lived. I tried to live without doubt, without mistakes.

St. Hakushin:  So, I was right. You are also dead?

Kikyou:  That is why I can understand some of your pain.  To doubt is to be human. And that is why humans try so hard to be divine.

St. Hakushin:  I could not become a living Buddha. My attachment to material life sent my soul to hell.

Kikyou:  Do not be ashamed that you yearned for life. So please, dissolve this barrier.

St. Hakushin:  And if I do, what?

Kikyou:  I wish that you will let me touch your soul.

St. Hakushin:  You want to lay me to rest? You, a dead priestess? Now then, I’ve dissolved the barrier. Dead priestess, you said you want to lay me to rest and dissolve the barrier around Mt. Hakurei. However, I was buried alive and my soul is filled with anger and hatred. It cannot be saved.

Kikyou:  I never believed that I could save your soul. I just want to know what it is that makes you so sad.

St. Hakushin:  Sad, you say?

Kikyou:  Even though I hold you like this, I cannot feel your hatred and bitterness.

*St. Hakushin replays his conversation with Naraku in his head.*  I…

Kikyou:  Yours were not tears of bitterness towards humanity and the world.

St. Hakushin:  Yes, I wanted to die an admirable death as a saint. But I could not. I did not want to admit my own weakness. So, I cried in despair…over my weakness of heart.

Kikyou:  How painful it must have been.

St. Hakushin:  Yes, it was painful.

Kikyou:  You have done more than enough good in this world. Please…please be free now.

St. Hakushin:  Is it alright?

Kikyou:  Yes, it’s all right now. * He crosses over.* There is no one in this world who never feels lost…who has never sinned in his life. Those who try to be forever divine…those who try to be forever kind…those who are tainted by evil… Everyone wishes to be saved.