Top Ten Arby’s Anime Posts

miss kobayashi's dragon maid arby's

It's a good time to be a geek. Marvel, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones are the prime properties in Hollywood. Even the subset of geek culture known as otakudom is even getting in the game. As much as Ghost in the Shell was maligned (though I thought it was enjoyable), it's amazing that property… Continue reading Top Ten Arby’s Anime Posts

A Silent Voice and the Value of Human Life

I stumbled upon A Silent Voice when I was at my local library in the manga section. What piqued my interest was seeing that it was a story about living with a disability, something I seldom find in Japanese fiction. A story that isn’t about trying to get senpai to notice you, but instead the… Continue reading A Silent Voice and the Value of Human Life

The Invisible God in The Ancient Magus Bride

chise and ruth

The Ancient Magus Bride dwells in a place of religion and myth, making countless allusions to creatures from the realm of legend and those with more concrete origins, with Elias and Chise moving in and out of the world of fairies, dragons, and spriggan as easily as they do the church. I commented previously on… Continue reading The Invisible God in The Ancient Magus Bride

Annalyn’s Corner: Redemption Stories in Naruto

If I want examples of condemnation and judgment, I only have to log into social media. But, frankly, I've had more than enough of these examples lately. I'm tired of reading Tweets and Facebook statuses that declare wicked and/or foolish people subhuman. Because, yes, condemnation has its place—but it's not the whole story. So today,… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Redemption Stories in Naruto

Newman’s Nook: Donyatsu’s Prayer and Questions

Donyatsu is an interesting manga (and short-form anime series) about a post-apocalyptic world setting where, so far, the only survivors are animals who's bodies are also pastries. And mice. The main character is a donut shaped cat named Donytatsu. Seems fitting. After a strange attack by other-worldly beings, Donyatsu gets lost from his pastry animal… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Donyatsu’s Prayer and Questions

Princess Arete and the Magic of Creativity

Princess Arete and the Magic of Art

Every culture is unique, and all people are different. Each one of us has our own voice, our own thoughts. Some things, however, are common across all cultures, all eras, all countries. One of these is our endless, unrelenting creativity. Princess Arete is not famous for being a thrilling or well-paced movie, but the story… Continue reading Princess Arete and the Magic of Creativity

Yes, Hina, it’s Okay if You Don’t Forgive

hina march comes in like a lion

As the bullying arc of March Comes in Like a Lion comes to a close, Hina, both the heroine and a victim in these episodes, seeks closure as well. Much of that comes in the form of a letter from Chiho, letting Hina know that things will be alright. The letter, even tinged as it… Continue reading Yes, Hina, it’s Okay if You Don’t Forgive

2017 JRPG Roundup

nier 2b

It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about JRPGs, so with the new year upon us, it seems fitting to take a glance at the JRPGs of 2017 that I played. For all that it was a less than pleasant year in other respects, it also proved to be a pretty stellar year in… Continue reading 2017 JRPG Roundup

Interview with Luci Christian: Voice Acting and Faith

From Nami to Nagisa and Chidori to Ochako, Luci Christian has voiced some of anime's most formative roles. At Ikkicon this past December, I had a chance to sit with Luci and talk about her voice acting. We all chatted about her faith intersects with her work. Me: How did you first get involved in… Continue reading Interview with Luci Christian: Voice Acting and Faith

First Impressions: Darling in the Franxx

In a world under threat by a vicious enemy, pairs of pilots—usually adolescents—use special abilities to fight back while operation living mecha. One such pilot, Zero Two, is quite unusual: sporting a pair of horns and a reputation as a partner killer, she exasperates her keepers, more interested in tasting people's skin and going skinny-dipping… Continue reading First Impressions: Darling in the Franxx