Are you interested in the content on this website?  Eager to learn more about Christian spirituality or to find other places where it intersects with anime and manga?  Or would you like to find out how to put Christian principles into practice so that you can help others?  Check out the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What does anime have to do with Christian spirituality?  Why are Christians often hypocrites?  How does one become a Christian?  Can a Christian also be an anime fan?  Are there any Christian anime or manga?  Visit the FAQ for answers to questions that both Christians and non-Christians have.

Christian Parents and Anime
It can be overwhelming for parents to understand a medium like anime, which might be entirely foreign to them.  But as anime and manga become more and more popular, it’s becomes increasingly important for parents to know what the form is all about.  This page contains a number of links to help Christian parents with questions and includes our Christian Parents’ Guide to Anime.

Eight Anime Recommendations for the Christian Viewer
Are you an anime fan looking for Christian anime?  While there hasn’t been a Christian anime produced in years, there are plenty which express themes relating to the faith, including seven I particularly recommend.

Anime and Religion Survey
In 2010, I surveyed the anime blogosphere to ask about anibloggers’ thoughts on religion and the connection between anime and spirituality.  I presented the findings in a series of posts.

Aniblogger Testimonies
Expanding on the Anime and Religion Survey project, I asked several anibloggers (and many more volunteered) to write articles about the apex of their anime hobby and their religious beliefs.

Believers in the Christian faith and non-believers disagree about many core issues.  But one thing most of us can agree on is that we should help those who are in need.  Visit this link for a list of charities I’ve given to or have been otherwise involved with.

This blog is only the latest in a number of online Christian sites related to anime.  Visit the links page to find other great sites, including some awesome communities of believing anime fans.  You’ll also find my blogroll – I track literally hundreds of aniblogging sites.  Most are unrelated to religion, though some contains articles about spirituality and a number are written by Christian authors and others with strong religious convictions.  I’ve included my favorites in the blogroll.