Christian Anime Sites

Christian Anime Alliance
Possibly the most readily identified Christian anime site on the Internet, CAA has many Christian-focused reviews of anime and manga.  It also has a very active forum.
Another well-known site, features a number of fanmade manga.  It also has a very active forum of believers.

Let’s Love Japan
This amazing site’s goal is to reach out to the Japanese by creating a mobile website with animated stories and other tools.  Among their current projects is an anime about Jesus.  Very cool.

Fans for Christ
This need site contains articles, forums, and perhaps most interestingly, video interviews with several voice actors and others about their faith, including Vic Mignogna and Caitlin Glass.

There are a number of other forums and review sites out there, but many are no longer active.  Others include blogs, and many are included at the right on my blogroll.  If you have any other sites you’d like me to add, please email me at Beneath.the.tangles AT gmail DOT com.

8 thoughts on “Christian Anime Sites

      1. I guess? I found it to be severely lacking, myself, in content and discussion, which is why I went to the CAA. It’s always good to have another resource, but I was sorely disappointed in it.

        1. I think we both missed it in its heyday. There were a lot of older resources on the site that I started perusing through, but never really dug into. But yeah, like you, I went there, but moved quickly onto CAA.

    1. Hi Jon Davenport! I dont know if you are still looking for people who is willing to work with you but i can draw manga and i would like to listen to your idea. 🙂

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