Shimai Sites

Beneath the Tangles isn’t the only site out there bridging anime and faith – far from it! While we point many of them to you through our blogroll, there are a number with a more intimate connection to us. We call these our shimai (sister) sites. These blogs and websites are run independently from the Beneath the Tangles but share a common mission.

Nanaca Sakura

From the site: Nanaca Sakura is a blog that has branched off from Beneath the Tangles with the intention of being a blog drowning in otaku fandom and Christian faith. Unlike the parent blog, Nanaca Sakura will simply contain content that loves the otaku culture and Jesus Christ. This blog is meant to show everyone, Christian or not, how these two passions can co-exist peacefully and even how they can mutually benefit each other at times by posing deeper and difficult questions.

Gaming and God

From the site: The purpose for Gaming and God is to bridge the gap between the past time that is playing video games to scripture, biblical values and life lessons that we can use daily. Everything I write, I pray that God would use to speak to the reader and lead them to know Him more intimately, and receive the forgiveness of Jesus Christ for their sin.

All You Shining Stars

Currently on hiatus, All You Shining Stars is a devotional project aimed at non-Christians or Christians who are not ready to delve into heady theological fare. It was developed out of a partnership between TWWK and the amazing artist, Turtlequeen.

Haibane Renmei Study

The writers at Beneath the Tangles have long espoused the rich world of Haibane Renmei, and have even led studies both online and in real life based on the anime and Set Apart, a terrific monograph on the show. The Haibane Renmei Study website is a week-by-week account of a class that TWWK led on the subject at his church, and remains a resource for others wanting to do the same or for individuals desiring to do a close watching of the series on their own.

I hope you will consider following these sites! If you’re interested adding your site as one of our shimai sites, shoot me a message. We’ll consider sites that align with our mission, and which are lead by administrators who follows our beliefs and are passionate about the content they develops, and who post consistently and have been part of the aniblogging community for at least six months.