TangleCast 39: Of Voice Acting and Christian Existentialism

Team Trinity is back! Where did they go you might ask? To Kumoricon, of course, where @vintageinmyveins visited with J. Michael Tatum, the voice actor behind Sebastian (Black Butler), Rintaro (Steins;gate), and Iida (My Hero Academia). Based on Tatum’s thoughtful responses, Team Trinity dives into the method behind acting, the use of art to search for truth, and the nature of philosophy, truth, and existence. Yep, it gets pretty deep.

Here’s this week’s CQ (Cast Question): Is it possible to have an anime about a game (ex. Yu-Gi-Oh) be good?… Read More TangleCast 39: Of Voice Acting and Christian Existentialism

Cosplay Conversations #1: Knowing Your Character

Anime conventions are a singularly unique type of event. At once a celebration, meet-up, training session, marketing tool, and pilgrimage, cons are perhaps the prime occasion through which this generation of anime fan expresses its fandom, with many choosing to do so through cosplay. I’ve never participated, but I feel an affinity toward cosplayers. We… Read More Cosplay Conversations #1: Knowing Your Character