Anime March Madness, Round 3 (Elite Eight)

After two challenging rounds, we are now up to Round 3 of our Anime March Madness. The updated bracket including the votes from both the site and our social media accounts can be viewed via this link. Some of the races are getting tight! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia continue to dominate their… Continue reading Anime March Madness, Round 3 (Elite Eight)

Anime March Madness 2018, Round 2 (Sweet Sixteen)

Thank you to all who have voted in our first round of Anime March Madness. Based on a compilation of our votes here on the website as well as those on our Instagram and Facebook pages, our bracket has adjusted to the following: Closest match of Round 1? Sword Art Online vs Your Lie in… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2018, Round 2 (Sweet Sixteen)

Anime March Madness 2018

Welcome one and all to Beneath the Tangles' Third Annual Anime March Madness. How this works is that you, the readers of this fair website, get to choose which anime you feel is your favorite in successive one-on-one matches. Last year's Sweet Sixteen will be facing off against 16 new challengers decided by our staff.… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2018

Anime March Madness 2017: Round 2

After an exciting, controversial, and very close first round - we are on to the Sweet Sixteen anime series in Round 2 of our Anime March Madness. Based on your votes last week, the current bracket is as follows. Any surprises? Anyone you are still excited about? Vote now to get your favorite series on to… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2017: Round 2

BtT Anime March Madness: Victor

After multiple rounds of battle, we finally have our first ever winner of our anime March Madness. In a final vote of 58% to 42%, the winner is... Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Thank you all for voting. Let us know what you thought of the tournament, what you would change for next year, and feel free… Continue reading BtT Anime March Madness: Victor