First Impression: Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange

With Tokyo burning and Edogawa ward being destroyed by fires (and something else too?), fire sergeants and partners Daigo and Shun venture into burning buildings to help those trapped inside. With Daigo pushing himself further than what is deemed safe, the stakes feel higher than usual as they rescue those affected by the smoke, as… Read More First Impression: Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange

First Impression: Onipan!

Three typical slice-of-life girls arrive in the big city. There’s Himawari, the confident blond sporty one, Tsuyukusa, the sleepy-eyed, dessert-loving blue-haired one, and Tsutsuji, the reddish-pink haired one who is so normal she’s special, as befitting an MC. Only, what’s that beneath their hats? Horns?! Oh yeah, they’re oni or the demon-monsters of Japanese folk… Read More First Impression: Onipan!