Anime March Madness 2018

Welcome one and all to Beneath the Tangles' Third Annual Anime March Madness. How this works is that you, the readers of this fair website, get to choose which anime you feel is your favorite in successive one-on-one matches. Last year's Sweet Sixteen will be facing off against 16 new challengers decided by our staff.… Continue reading Anime March Madness 2018

My Favorite (Anime) Things, 2017

marisa kirisame alice martagroid christmas

I am the king of Christmas traditions. Each year, I push gently guide my family through the dozens of traditions I've built up through the past holiday seasons. And you are my family, too, my aniblog family, which means that I'll bring you along through of my holiday blog traditions, one of which is putting… Continue reading My Favorite (Anime) Things, 2017

Summer 2017 Anime Thoughts

Just like in Spring 2017, the Beneath the Tangles staff has been asked a few questions about the Summer 2017 season - what was your favorite and what surprised you the most. Their answers follow: Annalyn What was the biggest surprise of the season for you? "Surprise" might be an exaggeration, but I was certainly… Continue reading Summer 2017 Anime Thoughts

The Lesson Lost in One For All

As much as I love Boku no Hero Academia, there was something about the series that irked me right at the beginning, which I'd conveniently forgotten about until now. Midoriya started out as someone so desperate to have a quirk, who longed for it in a pure, childlike way, and who proved worthy of it… Continue reading The Lesson Lost in One For All

Something More: Humility in OPM, Pro-Life Ajin, and Mikasa’s Sin

Summer is almost over, but here at Beneath The Tangles we are posting content every week! I hope you've been able to check out our First Impressions on the new anime season, along with our usual awesome posts. Below we have gathered some fascinating content for your consumption (yummy!). There's always "Something More" to whet… Continue reading Something More: Humility in OPM, Pro-Life Ajin, and Mikasa’s Sin

I Might Not Be All-Might, But I Can Be Pretty All-Right

As kids, we all heard stuff we weren't necessarily meant to as our parents or others held "adult" conversations (or arguments) in front of us, forgetting that children hear all, see all. I don't know why, then, I'm surprised when one of my kids mentions something from a conversation that wasn't meant for her ears.… Continue reading I Might Not Be All-Might, But I Can Be Pretty All-Right

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 27: Perspectives

gran torino kicks deku

What would it take to make the great All-Might shake in his boots? An evil super-villain? An all-consuming demon? No, none of those - just a man so old he's shriveled to about a third the size of his former self. Episode 27 of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) finds Midoriya starting his… Continue reading Boku no Hero Academia Episode 27: Perspectives

All-Might’s Essence of Heroism

deku midoriya

Fitting for a show about a superhero school, My Hero Academia often reflects on what it means to be a hero. The series grazes the idea via the gaps between students (talents, quirk v. no quirk, class 1-A v. class 1-B, Midoriya v. Bakugou v. Todoroki), the inspiration that All-Might represents, and most directly through… Continue reading All-Might’s Essence of Heroism

Deku and Todoroki, Words and Deeds

todoroki deku ochako bakugou hero

The power of words is undeniable. But words don't always connote power; sometimes they demonstrate a lack thereof. The idea that words might can mean everything or nothing was recently demonstrated in an intriguing panel from the Boku no Hero Academia manga. Michelle of Inside the Mind of a Quiet Girl sent it to me… Continue reading Deku and Todoroki, Words and Deeds

May 2017 Pixiv Round-up: Grand Order, April Lies, and Academia Heroes

I love fan-created works, and especially fan art. Pixiv, a site that brings Japanese artists together to display their manga-style works, similar as to how Deviant Art does the same for English-speaking artists, is one of my favorite site featuring fan art. There's something about anime (and lots of other forms of media) that speak… Continue reading May 2017 Pixiv Round-up: Grand Order, April Lies, and Academia Heroes