Tangle x Cast 8: A Little Humility

In a culture that’s increasingly self-glorifying, humility is a characteristic that these days, few seem eager to adopt. Yet, it’s a vital part of the Christian life. A healthy humility comes from a proper view of oneself in light of who we are in comparison to the Almighty and what we lack without his guidance and power. Interestingly enough, though anime doesn’t align with a Christian worldview, it still upholds a humble countenance as a prime characteristic of many of its heroes. And so in episode eight, Mike, Tyler, and Paris look at humility from the faith perspective through characters from Ranking of Kings, My Hero Academia, and other anime and manga series.

0:00 Introduction and recent watches
7:29 Humility and Anime
8:37 Discussion—Midoriya and My Hero Academia + The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World
19:29 Discussion—Bojji and Ranking of Kings
23:11 Discussion—Endeavor and My Hero Academia + Demon Slayer and Lookism
32:14 When were you blessed through humility?
39:29 Closing

We’d love to hear your feedback! Here’s our Cast Question for this podcast:

Was there a time you didn’t see God’s presence and blessing until you humbled yourself before Him?

Let us know in the comments below!

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