Anime’s Fierce Femininity

bishamon and kuraha

I feel that all too often the media portrays femininity in a bad light. Either a woman is written as weak and pathetic, or she is a ridiculous OP for the sake of fan service. Where is the balance of being a fierce woman who retains her feminine identity without being an object of lust?… Continue reading Anime’s Fierce Femininity

Bodies in Battle Angel Alita

Kodansha Comics has recently begun reissuing one of my favourite manga, which has long been out of print—Battle Angel Alita. It's been long enough since I last picked an issue up to make this something of a rediscovery for me, especially with regard to Yukito Kishiro's art, which feels almost expressionistic in its starkness and… Continue reading Bodies in Battle Angel Alita

Newman’s Nook: Lost Stranger Martyr

In the isekai manga series, Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Yoko and Shogo Sasaki are siblings who loved Final Fantasy games as kids. They pledged to one another early in life that together they would get jobs at Square-Enix and create their own Final Fantasy game. Now as adults, they seem to be living their dream as… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Lost Stranger Martyr

A Silent Voice and the Value of Human Life

I stumbled upon A Silent Voice when I was at my local library in the manga section. What piqued my interest was seeing that it was a story about living with a disability, something I seldom find in Japanese fiction. A story that isn’t about trying to get senpai to notice you, but instead the… Continue reading A Silent Voice and the Value of Human Life

The Invisible God in The Ancient Magus Bride

chise and ruth

The Ancient Magus Bride dwells in a place of religion and myth, making countless allusions to creatures from the realm of legend and those with more concrete origins, with Elias and Chise moving in and out of the world of fairies, dragons, and spriggan as easily as they do the church. I commented previously on… Continue reading The Invisible God in The Ancient Magus Bride

Something More: Winter Anime, the Music of Re:Zero, and Perfect Black and Blue

Hi, folks! TWWK here to add a few comments about an article before Samuru takes it away for the rest of this month's round-up. Perhaps the biggest news story to come from the world of anime the last few weeks was Nobuhiro Watsuki's arrest for possessing child pornography. The impact has been pretty widespread, and… Continue reading Something More: Winter Anime, the Music of Re:Zero, and Perfect Black and Blue

Interview with Tomo Kataoka

Hey everyone, Kaze here sneaking back onto this blog with a very special and exciting post! As some of you know, I'm a big fan of the Narcissu series and have written on the stories numerous times because of its inclusion of Christian faith in a very respectful, thoughtful, and accurate manner alongside serious, meaningful… Continue reading Interview with Tomo Kataoka

Platitudes and Power in Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Today’s article is from Dr. Steve, a frequent guest contributor on our blog. After you finish reading this post, be sure to also check out his previous writings here about Restaurant to Another World and Interview with Monster Girls. In the fourth episode of Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, Nezumi, Warrior of the Rat, challenges his… Continue reading Platitudes and Power in Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Newman’s Nook: Fool as Isaiah Figure

We here at Beneath the Tangles seem to constantly be looking for Christ-like figures in anime. Can you blame us? We are a group of professing Christians who love anime and, frankly, you see self-sacrificing figures seeking to redeem or protect their friends, family, or people in anime on a regular basis. So, Christ-like figures… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Fool as Isaiah Figure

Newman’s Nook: We Don’t Know What’s Best

Episode 17 of Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou) is entitled, "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions." It is fitting as the episode progresses and we see the interactions between the various characters. The newest teacher at the school, Aoki, has frustrated many of the characters with her good… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: We Don’t Know What’s Best