Cosplay Conversations #3: Birth of an Instagram Influencer

As Instagram continues to grow in prominence, the platform provides individuals the opportunity grow their brands, stretch their creative muscles, and even earn a living. Many beautiful and talented individuals have built considerable followings (Jenners and Karshadians leading the pack, of course), earning a measure of celebrity while becoming influencers—those who have enough clout in… Read More Cosplay Conversations #3: Birth of an Instagram Influencer

Cosplay Conversations #1: Knowing Your Character

Anime conventions are a singularly unique type of event. At once a celebration, meet-up, training session, marketing tool, and pilgrimage, cons are perhaps the prime occasion through which this generation of anime fan expresses its fandom, with many choosing to do so through cosplay. I’ve never participated, but I feel an affinity toward cosplayers. We… Read More Cosplay Conversations #1: Knowing Your Character