Fanart Friday, Too: Thorn Princess

It’s so rare that an anime delivers on the hype, and is as popular with the fans as it is with the critics. That’s what SPY x FAMILY has been, in no small part due to this lovely character, Yor, here as the assassin, Thorn Princess. ★ 【yue】「 いばら姫 」 ☆

Fanart Friday: Colorful Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man anime is headed our way sometime soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this lovely and colorful piece of the titular character himself, with pastels replacing the often bloody and gory imagery of the series, and by one of the top anime-style artists out there, K-SUWABE. ★ 【K-SUWABE】「 チェンソーマン 」 ☆