Fanart Friday, Too: Casual Kessoku

Kessoku goes casual? Check out these lovely illustrations of Bocchi, Ryou, Nijika, and Kita out and about. They subtly (and in Ryou’s case, not-so-subtly) capture the girls’ personalities. Who’s your favorite band member? ★ 【pigo ne】「 bocchi // yamada // ijichi // kita 」 ☆

Fanart Wednesday…Addams

Did you watch the Netflix series, Wednesday? Apparently, Japan did as well, as a number of fanart pieces for the titular character have appeared on Pixiv, including this cute one below. She’s made for anime, right? An Addams Family anime, anyone?? ★ 【稲守竜砂】「 魔法工房 」 ☆

Fanart Friday: Witchy Rukia

Anyone else getting major Wizard of Oz vibes from this? Ichigo would be the Scarecrow, Orihime would be Dorothy, and Uryu the Tin Man. But who would Chad be? A larger lion beside the little cub, Kon? ★ 【l-oose】「 rukia and kon 」 ☆