Annalyn’s Corner: Teen Friendship in A Place Further Than the Universe

Teen Friendship in A Place Further Than the Universe

It seems like friendship comes easily to some people. They appear confident, they understand social rules, and they have people to confide in and hang with. Meanwhile, many of us feel lost—especially in the teen years. I couldn't help but reflect on that as I watched the first several episodes of A Place Further Than the… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Teen Friendship in A Place Further Than the Universe

The Importance of Being Digi-Destined

I loved my group of friends in high school. We bickered a lot, but we were also always cracking each other up. We were also a bunch of nerds, so we pushed each other to excel academically and had similar pop culture interests that we shared (The Matrix is the best movie everrrr adlkjalcjvaoeiw!). But… Continue reading The Importance of Being Digi-Destined

Newman’s Nook: Nobunaga and Fróis – Friends

Nobunaga No Shinobi Episode 32 Luis Frois and Oda Nobunaga

Watching Nobunaga no Shinobi (which you can watch at Crunchyroll here) has been interesting as it walks through a period of Japanese history that I know very little about. An interesting item brought up in the show is the historic friendship that arose between Oda Nobunaga and Luís Fróis. Who are these two people? I'm glad you… Continue reading Newman’s Nook: Nobunaga and Fróis – Friends

StarStruck: No Friendship Fee

Have you ever felt like you needed to repay someone for their kindness? The idea that we should show kindness back to those who have been kind to us sounds nice enough. After all, no one likes an ungrateful snob who just takes advantage of people’s kindness. However, should we really think of it as… Continue reading StarStruck: No Friendship Fee

Annalyn’s Corner: Why Community Is a Repeated Theme

I've written about love and community many times. This is partially because these themes show up so much in anime, and partially because I'm always learning more in these areas. Sometimes, relationship themes come across as cheesy and overdone. Such anime have an overdramatic "friendship is magic" or "moral of the story" feel, and they do… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Why Community Is a Repeated Theme

ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

ACCA 13-ku

Only one episode remains in ACCA. The story has come so far, and although some of the recent episodes have been weaker, there’s still a lot of potential for a satisfying conclusion. There is still one more episode to go, and if feels like we know so little. The ending looms uncertainly, but Jean has… Continue reading ACCA: Hope Despite Uncertainty

Weakness in The Last Guardian

I've lately been playing The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda's long (very long) awaited followup to his arthouse PS2 classics, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The game, true to Ueda's style, is a rather oblique fantasy scenario where very little is explained to the player. You play as a boy who awakens to find himself… Continue reading Weakness in The Last Guardian

Orange Episode 12: The Truth

As the final episode draws near, the mysteries of the past and future are slowly coming to light. After the recent disastrous shrine visit, Naho theorized that perhaps the reason Kakeru took his life was because of their argument. At the time, it seemed very likely. But now we finally discover the truth about Kakeru,… Continue reading Orange Episode 12: The Truth

Orange Episode 10: Let Go

Orange started off with quite a bit of subtle symbolism, most notably when Naho's description of orange juice paralleled the overall atmosphere of the story. Symbolism can reveal things about a story that aren't very noticeable, and I feel like it's been a little lacking in the past few episodes. Fortunately, this episode brings it… Continue reading Orange Episode 10: Let Go

Love Live! Sunshine!! Ep. 10: Nine Mermaids Festa

After the heavy drama of the last two episodes, now would be a good time for a breather. Forget about all that heavy plot stuff, put everyone in swimsuits and have them frolic about on the beach. Indeed, episode 10 of Love Live! Sunshine!! is for the most part a fun episode: a chance for all nine… Continue reading Love Live! Sunshine!! Ep. 10: Nine Mermaids Festa