Interview with Mirei and Dancing Dolls R

While anime conventions and anime blogging seem to be two neighbors on the same street, they're  drastically different culturally (though perhaps not unrelated on a spiritual level). Conventions are a brand new world for many of us, including myself and Annalyn, who recently attended her first con. But that's an awesome thing for this blog,… Continue reading Interview with Mirei and Dancing Dolls R

Anime Today: Death Parade and Skating Idols

TWWK filling in for Japes today, who has been working hard at our podcast (tune in tomorrow!) and special themed posts for Holy Week next week!  I'm glad to have the opportunity to write this article, as I've just finished catching up with Death Parade and have a lot on my mind, particularly in regards… Continue reading Anime Today: Death Parade and Skating Idols

Christian Love in the Nana Fan Base

A year ago, I wrote about how God's love could be compared to that of a yandere. This year I'd like to make another kind of comparison on the topic of love, but instead of focusing on God, I want to focus on Christians and our love for God. Our love for God is, or… Continue reading Christian Love in the Nana Fan Base

Something More: Christian Anime Idols, Sailor Moon Gossip, and Integrity in SAO

The end of the summer season is here!  While some may not have enjoyed it much, it's been one of my favorites in recent memory.  At least, judging by some of the posts below, it's provided plenty of fuel for discussion! Milesvibritannia looks at the issue of morality in anime, delving deeply into a number… Continue reading Something More: Christian Anime Idols, Sailor Moon Gossip, and Integrity in SAO

Guest Post – Contra Divitias: Kill la Kill’s Opprobrium of Wealth

Medieval Otaku is run by a bookworm inflamed with a desire for learning and for God.  The study of foreign cultures, literature, and history eventually led to him discovering anime, which hooked him with the remarkable richness and beauty of its stories and is likely to remain a strong hobby of his for decades to… Continue reading Guest Post – Contra Divitias: Kill la Kill’s Opprobrium of Wealth

Anime Today: Idols in Ishinomaki

As it stands right now, anime is currently in its transition phase from the winter 2014 season to the spring 2014 season, and this in-between phase makes it difficult to analyze much of what is currently happening aside from overall series or season reviews. However, just recently I decided to pick up yet another current… Continue reading Anime Today: Idols in Ishinomaki

Believing in an Unbreakable Machine-God

The story of the Israelites, or the entire Old Testament really, can be seen as man's constant fleeing from God toward idolatry, both inward and out.  Instead of worshipping their God, they turned away and worshipped others, including those they made with their own hands.  They were easily turned to that which they could physically… Continue reading Believing in an Unbreakable Machine-God

Idolization in Anime Culture: Seiyuu and Maintaining a Godly Life

“Thou shall have no other gods before me,” a simple and obvious rule to not just Christianity, but to any monotheistic religion. Today, it is accepted that the sin of idolatry can take many forms from material possessions, activities, and even to other humans. Be it the Hollywood stars of America, the K-pop singers of… Continue reading Idolization in Anime Culture: Seiyuu and Maintaining a Godly Life

Fashioning Kamisama Dolls…and Other Gods

One of the series I anticipated most going into the summer season was Kamisama Dolls, which looked as if it could have a great balance of action, sci-fi, romance, and even religion.  I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but not enough to continue with the series, and dropped it there.  Others who did finish… Continue reading Fashioning Kamisama Dolls…and Other Gods