Do You Love Me Enough to Let Me Go?

You don’t have to be an expert in anime to understand that a generation gap is developing between twenty-somethings and younger fans of the medium. Patrick W. Galbraith, in his book, The Otaku Encyclopedia, calls of the post-Evangelion fans the “fifth wave.” This is my wave – the time period in which I became hooked on anime. And just as with most people, I believe my wave to be best.

Because we’re entering a new wave, shows that aren’t too old, but are from a past generation, are now considered classics. Case in point: Cowboy Bebop. If any show can be called “universally acclaimed,” it’s this one. If you’re sixth generation an unfamiliar with the show, it follows a group of bounty hunters traveling throughout the solar system. That short summary hardly does the show justice, though. It explores a number of themes, including one of particular interest to me: the them of letting people go to make their own decisions. And this idea is one that is vital to Christianity.

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