More Like a Tin Roof Sundae

Are Christianity and anime two forms that are so different, they can't be successfully combined?  Should one even try?  In a post that largely focuses on the anime and religion survey conducted here a while back, The Angry Otaku writes that it's like putting soy sauce on ice cream - the two just don't taste right together.  The Angry… Continue reading More Like a Tin Roof Sundae

Finding the Invisible God in…Fortune Arterial

My fall 2010 anime season came to a close this week, as I finally finished a show I'd been watching in globs throughout the autumn.  Fortune Arterial, based on a visual novel, follows Kohei Hasekura, a student who becomes involved with Erika Sendo, the school's student council Vice President and...a vampire.  I enjoyed the show for… Continue reading Finding the Invisible God in…Fortune Arterial