A Little Iris: the Bleeding Heart

The Narcissu 10th anniversary translation project continues with its recent release of A Little Iris. Unlike the previous Narcissu stories which deal with terminal illness, A Little Iris takes an incredibly different approach to the topic of life and death with even a completely different time period of roughly the tail end of the Dark… Continue reading A Little Iris: the Bleeding Heart

12 Days of Christmas Anime, Day 12: Toradora

christmas madoka pmmm

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're having a day of cheer and festivities with loved ones! And if you're not, I hope that you stay warm, find joy in the season (and the reason for it), and enjoy your day. I know that's easier said than done, especially if you're having a tough season or… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas Anime, Day 12: Toradora

Annalyn’s Corner: When the World Feels like Ergastulum

I just watched Gangsta., one of the darker anime to air in the past year. I've seen a few anime that center on crime syndicates and corruption, but this is one of the most horrific—up there with Black Lagoon's second season. The anime's setting, Ergastulum, seems hopelessly corrupt, and the anime refuses to sugarcoat it. There isn't… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: When the World Feels like Ergastulum

Gendo Ikari: Yui Give and Take Away

Gendo Ikari is one of anime's great villains. Some 15 years after Evangelion originally aired, he remains hated, the very picture of a vile father willing to sacrifice his son (and the entire world, even) for his obsession. But even Gendo has a tender side. Even Gendo was once in love. In the following portion… Continue reading Gendo Ikari: Yui Give and Take Away

Destroying Seiichi Kinoshita: Shirobako and Murderous Words

I've mentioned this before, but to me, Shirobako feels like family.  There are some members that annoy me, some that I embrace, but regardless, I care about them all.  I want to know what's happening with everyone - a week seems too long to wait to catch up with the cast.  I streamed the first… Continue reading Destroying Seiichi Kinoshita: Shirobako and Murderous Words

Your Lie in April, Episode 14: Choosing the Song

Much of the action in episode 14 of Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) takes place in a confined space - the bare walls of a small hospital room.  But while the action in this episode is passive, our protagonist's thoughts are moving a mile a minute.  Two trains of thought are… Continue reading Your Lie in April, Episode 14: Choosing the Song

The Purpose of Trials in Fruits Basket

I have a tendency to shirk away from challenge. Complacency is a hole I feel I constantly find myself climbing out of. If I can avoid it or procrastinate, I usually do. It's much easier to shove something into a metaphorical box and go watch Youtube videos then actually work through it.Spiritually in my life, this is… Continue reading The Purpose of Trials in Fruits Basket

Sword Art Online 2, Episode 6: Problematic Pain

If that bullet could also kill a player in the real world, and if you didn't shoot them, you or someone you loved would be killed, could you still pull the trigger? I won't lie.  Sword Art Online 2 has kept me entertained all season long.  The Alfheim Online arc burned me so bad that… Continue reading Sword Art Online 2, Episode 6: Problematic Pain

Little Busters! Refrain, Episode 05: Soooo Uncomfortable

One thing we know about Riki is this - he's kinder, smarter, more loyal, and more level-headed that probably most, or all of us, are.  Thus it's no surprise when he ultimately makes a good decision in episode five of Little Busters! Refrain after making a gut-decision that was less wise. Rin has been offer… Continue reading Little Busters! Refrain, Episode 05: Soooo Uncomfortable