First Impressions: PERSONA5 the Animation

PERSONA5 the Animation is based on the recent and popular game of the same name. The first episode introduces us to the Phantom Thieves, a mysterious group led by Ren Amamiya, who is captured during a heist they tried to pull. He is beaten and interrogated by the police, who seem to have been after him… Continue reading First Impressions: PERSONA5 the Animation

2017 JRPG Roundup

nier 2b

It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about JRPGs, so with the new year upon us, it seems fitting to take a glance at the JRPGs of 2017 that I played. For all that it was a less than pleasant year in other respects, it also proved to be a pretty stellar year in… Continue reading 2017 JRPG Roundup