Five Anime Couples to Warm Your Heart on Valentine’s Day

anime girl valentine chocolate

Valentine's Day isn't a happy holiday for everyone. In fact, it can be downright depressing. To avoid the misery, some run away from the love stuff on February 14th (out of sight, out of mind), but for me, even when I was a lonely single, I still always embraced the day as I drowned in… Continue reading Five Anime Couples to Warm Your Heart on Valentine’s Day

WorldEnd: How Reincarnation Ruins Romance

I just finished watching WorldEnd: Etc.  (Who would ever scribble out the entire title?)  This stood as my favorite anime of the last season.  (Though, my selection of anime series from the last season was quite small.)  The author of this series did a wonderful job of world-building.  Digressions on the world's past did much… Continue reading WorldEnd: How Reincarnation Ruins Romance

Tsuki Ga Kirei, Episode 10: Bad Mood, Bad Decisions

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At lunch today, I was talking to a friend, someone who's a mentor to me, and he mentioned the idea that it's been shown that we make bad decisions under duress, due to things like stress, bad health, tiredness, and hunger. I agreed, and in fact, I explained that I'd shown the worst side of… Continue reading Tsuki Ga Kirei, Episode 10: Bad Mood, Bad Decisions

The Secret Stars of Anime: Amagami SS Kaoru’s Arc

So you have a dating sim/visual novel with six main girls, and you've been greenlit for an anime adaptation. You have 24 episodes to showcase your game's girls and stories, appealing to game fans as well as attracting new fans. How do you make that transition from the branching story paths of dating sims to the… Continue reading The Secret Stars of Anime: Amagami SS Kaoru’s Arc

Secret Santa 2016: Love Lab

Beneath the Tangles | Secret Santa—Love Lab

This year, I actually entered Reverse Thieves' Secret Santa Project in time! I like being forced to watch an anime I might not have chosen myself—or one I've been procrastinating on. In this case, my Santa recommended three shows that fit in one or both of those two categories. Out of the three, I chose to watch… Continue reading Secret Santa 2016: Love Lab

“Say ‘I love you’ ”? *“Say ‘I trust you’ ”

Relationships are hard. I’m not just talking about romantic ones, either. I’m talking about relationships in general – from family to friends to dating to marriage. Relationships are incredibly hard. Despite the popular belief that “love’s all you need,” so many relationships fall apart. Now, I’m no Sherlock, but to me, that suggests that love’s… Continue reading “Say ‘I love you’ ”? *“Say ‘I trust you’ ”

Between the Panels: Hotaru’s Temperate Touch

“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.” ~ Lynn Mitchell Self-control’s a cruel irony. It demands we die daily to immediate desires in order to live fully in the dream we aspire toward. That’s like saying “we die so that we may live,” a notion that Christians are no… Continue reading Between the Panels: Hotaru’s Temperate Touch

Anime Today: Childlike Innocence

If there's one complaint that has arisen more than any other regarding Ore Monogatari, even from our own writers, it's that the show's characters are undeniably one-dimensional. As much as I enjoy and look forward to watching a new episode each and every week, not even I can deny the predictable nature of each personality.… Continue reading Anime Today: Childlike Innocence

Annalyn’s Corner: Suna’s Love Story (and Mine)

Hi there, folks! Time for some apologies. First, I'm sorry I missed last week's post. I was really sick, and writing was out of the question. Second, I'm sorry this is several hours late. I could blame internet problems, but I honestly couldn't have finished this before work even if my internet was working this… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Suna’s Love Story (and Mine)