ACCA: The Cost of Trust

Despite what people believe about happy endings, whether they think they’re the paragon of a good series or trite and boring, they can be done well. They have come to be what we expect in all stories, even if they are poorly written. As we now arrive at the point leading to ACCA’s conclusion, it… Continue reading ACCA: The Cost of Trust

Annalyn’s Corner: My Body is Not My Own

My pastor talked about serving others yesterday. As he did, I realized how selfish I've been about maintaining unhealthy habits. Any of you who've stuck around here long enough know that finding and keeping good routines is an ongoing struggle for me. Yesterday, I was forced to confront how that affects multiple areas of my… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: My Body is Not My Own

Fact Check: Archer’s Irredeemable World

Anime is full of references to religion, which presents a great opportunity to discuss matters of spirituality.  And that’s the idea behind this column, Fact Check, in which I’ll investigate some of the claims of anime and manga characters and weigh them against the truth of scripture. The Claim One of the things that makes… Continue reading Fact Check: Archer’s Irredeemable World

Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki and Laying Down Your Life

One of my favorite anime antagonists is Shishio, the evildoer from the Kyoto Arc of Rurouni Kenshin.  Shishio looks like a mummy, replaced Kenshin as the battousai, is never really bested by Kenshin with the sword, and in the dubbed version of the show, he's voiced by always-awesome Steven Blum.  What's not to love (or… Continue reading Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki and Laying Down Your Life

Charlotte Episode 2: More Than Human

Episode 2 of Charlotte gives us more insight into these adolescents with special abilities.  We find that the entire school in which Yu is now enrolled is comprised of students with special abilities or with the potential to become mutants.  It's like a Japanese version of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. We also discover that… Continue reading Charlotte Episode 2: More Than Human

Annalyn’s Corner: Ore Monogatari!! and Sacrificial Love

I watched the first five episodes of Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) this weekend. The premise intrigued me: this shoujo anime is shown primarily from a male point of view, and he's not the typical bishounen love interest. Instead, Takeo is the bishie's big, clumsy best friend. I was immediately intrigued by this break from the mold, but… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Ore Monogatari!! and Sacrificial Love

Inadequate Sacrifices in Fatal Frame

People are drawn to the horror game genre for different reasons. For me, I enjoy the challenge of desperate survival in an eerie atmosphere and satisfying that "Why is something like this happening?" curiosity. Fatal Frame is one of my favorite horror series because it creates that tense atmosphere and puts plenty of story behind… Continue reading Inadequate Sacrifices in Fatal Frame

Rewrite Part 4: The Meaning of Salvation

After several years, the Earth has become survivable again, and Kotarou and Kagari have grown into an enormous tree in the short time, very reminiscent of Sakuya's end. The five heroines come together again, this time as people who are no longer carrying the emotional baggage that resulted from the war 10 years prior to… Continue reading Rewrite Part 4: The Meaning of Salvation

Rewrite Part 3: Terra, the Path of Salvation

At the start of Terra, a teenage Kotarou and his family have recently moved to Kazamatsuri. His parents work at Martel, a part of Gaia. His neighbor's family has a very young girl by the name of Kotori (!?). His parents attended Gaia's meetings, but Kotarou spent his time hunting UMAs, which were actually familiars.… Continue reading Rewrite Part 3: Terra, the Path of Salvation