Join Us Live for Our Anime Draft!

Hey, otaku! As I'm sure you know, a week from today the NFL kicks off the opening day of its annual draft, in which college players from around the country are selected to play professional football. I'm kidding of course—I know that you had no idea that it was next week. Most of you probably… Continue reading Join Us Live for Our Anime Draft!

First Impressions: Steins;gate 0

What if Okabe abandoned his mad scientist alter-ego and became a normie? What if he ditched the lab coat for stylish black clothing, joined his university's tennis club, and went out on group dates, leaving the Future Gadgets Lab behind? What if Okabe remained on the Beta world line and never saved Kurisu after all?… Continue reading First Impressions: Steins;gate 0

Beyond Broken: Rintaro Okabe and Loving When You Can’t

Steins;gate gets really good when one character dies...over and over and over again. I remember first watching Steins;gate and really finding it compelling, but it's also notoriously slow: the moodiness of the colors, the unique personalities of the characters, the leisurely unfolding plot. And then it suddenly becomes incredibly engaging right at the point I… Continue reading Beyond Broken: Rintaro Okabe and Loving When You Can’t

TangleCast 23: Game Week 2

Our special game week four weeks ago went so well that we decided to try playing Magnum Opus again using some of the categories we didn't have time for last time! JP (Japesland), Casey (CutsceneAddict), Jack (R86), and Kaze provide some fun opinions on which anime should get a magnum opus, eternal rebirth, or complete extinction. And, just like last time,… Continue reading TangleCast 23: Game Week 2

In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part 3)

This is the last in a three-part series by guest writer James. You can catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  - - - - - - At the end of Part 2, I suggested that Okabe may be mistaken in assuming God’s will must override his own. Without question, what God intends… Continue reading In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part 3)

In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part 2)

This is the second in a three-part guest series by James.  - - - - - - In Part 1, we saw that Okabe and his friends suffer greatly for presuming to meddle with time travel. Whether that suffering comes at the hands of an impersonal universe or a personal God is the question we… Continue reading In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part 2)

In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part 1)

We're excited to introduce the first post in a three-part guest series by James, a research associate with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. He writes regularly at their website,, and a sample of his work can be found here. He wrote a series for us about the visual novel Planetarian in September 2014, so… Continue reading In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part 1)

BtT Anime March Madness: Finals

We're down to our finals of our Anime March Madness. The two remaining series are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Steins;Gate. FMA:B has been crushing each of its opponents in round after round, while Steins;Gate has been having close matches, but successfully winning - the most recent being a one vote win over Cowboy Bebop in… Continue reading BtT Anime March Madness: Finals

BtT Anime March Madness: Final Four

We're down to our final four series. Here's the ones you our readers, decided made the cut: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Rurouni Kenshin Steins;Gate Cowboy Bebop How will our final votes go? It's getting tougher and tougher. Check the link here or vote below!

Top 5 + Guest: 5 Best Popular Anime Series

There's a not-so-invisible chasm on the Internet between folks who tend to mostly watch popular series - such as those that air on American television - and viewers who watch a wider slate of shows.  Unfortunately, I think the latter group sometimes comes off as snobby (oh, your favorite series is Naruto, huh?), even though… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: 5 Best Popular Anime Series