Top 5 + Guest: Most Overrated Anime

There are a lot of really great anime out there.  There are a lot of really bad series, too.  And then there's that subset of anime that are held in high esteem, but don't deserve all the praise or popularity that they receive.  For our Top 5 + Guest post this month, we're tackling those… Continue reading Top 5 + Guest: Most Overrated Anime

WataMote: Wata We Are Is Wata We Do

I made it through four episodes of WataMote before dropping it.  I genuinely liked the series, Tomoko is a riot, and unlike Richard Eisenbeis, I don't think the series is mean-spirited, but it's just a little too discomforting for me to continue to spend time following it. Some of that discomfort has to do with… Continue reading WataMote: Wata We Are Is Wata We Do

Something More: Catch-Up Edition

It's been several weeks since I've posted a "Something More."  In an effort to catch up, today I'll post links to articles from the last month or so.  No quick descriptions for them (sorry!), but hopefully we'll get back on track next Friday! 2.1 billion brothers and sisters all at once... what would YOU do? (A… Continue reading Something More: Catch-Up Edition