Manga-Style Pope Shirts, Christians Who Hate Otaku, and St. Peter and the Penguins

Pope Benedict XVI…in manga style…on a t-shirt or hoody…need I say more?

Seinime waxes nostalgia, with some talk about faith and prayer, in his narrative-driven post about Usagi Drop.

Taylor concludes her series on Christian symbolism and themes in My Little Pony.

A youtube response to an troll? otaku-hatin’ Christian.

Zeroe4 reminisces about his grandfather’s death and his conversion experience after watching Sket Dance.

And a few weeks late, the beautiful couple of The Untold Story of Altair & Vega discuss the St. Peter figure in episode nine of Mawaru Penguindrum.

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TWWK, known to outlaws and lawmen alike as Charles, lives deep in the heart of Texas, where he drives cattle and boot scoots (not really - though he does sport a pair of rattlesnake boots). Somehow in this frontier, he also finds time for his wife, children, and church. Oh, and anime, too.

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  1. Those shirts are… interesting. LOL. XD


    • Haha, yes, different. But based on the other works I’ve read from Manga Hero, I”m guessing the manga which the shirts are based on is pretty good.


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