Angel Beats!! Epilogue Preview is Now Streaming

TK from Angel Beats
Scrambled it trouble down!

While there’s no certainty about an Angel Beats! sequel (makes sense financially? continuity-wise, maybe not so much?), we do know that the final DVD release of the show in Japan on December 22 will bundle the last episode with an all-new epilogue.  A 30-second preview of the epilogue is now streaming.  Besides T.K.’s “Hooh,” I have no idea what’s being said/written in the “next episode preview”-like trailer.  But I know I’m excited.  Even the the episode’s title (“Stairway to Heaven”) is getting me pumped.

Can someone explain what’s being said to me?

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  1. w I have no idea how there can be more, but more TK, hey. Most of the stuff was randomish, but the last one is like “everyone is fasting for a week” I think \O_o/

  2. [c165]Let’s go! (Yui)
    [c84]This is what being young is all about! (Hinata)
    [c100]Still no Honnouji Incident yet?! (Noda)
    [c77]Hooh!! (TK…… Waste of talent, for a guy that can speak in Kansai dialect fluently.)
    [c42]So good! So good! So freaking good! (Ooyama)
    [c168]Lemme dance too! (Fujimaki)
    [c236]Cuuuuuuute!! (Ooyama/Shiina)
    [c136]What’s with you people?! (Naoi)
    [c38]What a fiend!! (Takamatsu)
    [c272]Cute. (Kanade)
    [c140]Seemed like so much fun… (Otonoashi)
    [c36]All of you, no food for a week. (Yuri)

    Stairway to Heaven

    This special is in DVD/BD vol.7, along with Another Epilogue. On sale Dec. 22.
    The limited ver includes the 2nd part of the Making video. […]

  3. By the way, if you guys haven’t seen the “episode 13.5” yet, it provides an alternate ending to “Angel Beats” equally thought-provoking to the ending we were given in the original episode 13. Not sure what is and isn’t good to mention here, but it is maybe a minute or less in length and available from The Usual Sources. 🙂

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