The Seventh Day of Christmas Anime

Episode 7, “Christmas!”K-On! Christmas

The Christmas Story

A flashback begins the episode, with a young Yui creating a “White Christmas” for Ui by putting pillow stuffing on a tree outside their home.  Meanwhile at school, Ritsu announces her intentions to throw a Christmas party, and it’s decided to have it at Yui’s home.  The girls, joined by Nodoka, go shopping for a gift exchange, while Ui prepares a feast.  The party starts, and the group is also joined by the always-outrageous Sawako before the gift exchange happens.  That’s followed by a talent show.  The episode ends with the club getting together for hatsumode.

Christmas Gifts
In addition to a joyful tone, K-On’s Christmas episode is filled with holiday music, Christmas tree decorating, and general merriment.

The true meaning of Christmas is…
Celebrating with friends and family, of course.  What else would you expect from K-On?  The focus of this episode is on the sisterly relationship between Yui and Ui, and the simple joys of enjoying the holiday.  The O’Henry-esque gift exchange between the sisters (without the Gift of the Magi irony) is a nice touch.  And Mio’s reactions are adorable – she remains my favorite character in K-On!

This episode is too cute…I gave up one episode into season two because I just kept falling asleep when watching, but I’m reminded of how charming this show can be and why it’s so popular.

On the seventh day of Christmas, anime gave to me:
Mio’s darling dresses,
Chiyo’s dad as Santa,
Haruka crushing,
a blonde Santa Claus,
a Christmas tree comet,
Paper Sisters birthday,
and Sakura knitting a nerdy dollie.

Tomorrow’s Forecast
One thing’s for sure – the boys of October are long gone.  Baseballs and softballs don’t mesh well with Christmas anyway.



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