A Guide to the Guides: Winter 2011 Anime Series

Every three months, the anime blogosphere becomes filled with anime viewing guides for the upcoming season.  It’s an exciting time for anime fans, as anticipation is at its highest and not yet sullied by disappointing series.  It’s also the time where instead of creating my own guide, I do something which I think would much more handier – create a guide to the guides!  Below are some of my favorite winter 2010/2011 anime preview guides.

Preview Guides

  • The Cart Driver
    Scamp’s blog continues to be uber-popular, and one reason is for his creation of beautiful and informative charts for each season.  Providing pictures, vital information and summaries, his charts are one-stop destinations for those who want the skinny on new shows.  They’re often updated, and are so well thought-of that many others use his charts for their own previews.  Scamp also updates them often.
    Grade A for proliferation and purtyness
  • T.H.A.T. Anime Blog
    The fine folks of T.H.A.T. provide terrific guides each year.  Their guides provides summaries, additional series information (like the animating studio) and trailers.  Following each summary are comments by the bloggers, as well as those might possibly blog the series.
    Grade A for depth and fun-while-you-get-informed
  • Random Curiosity
    If you’re liking for depth, this is place to go.  Random Curiosity presents plenty of details about upcoming series, along with an introduction and concluding impressions.  Maybe most importantly, a release schedule and television schedule are also included.
    Grade A for covering everything but the kitchen sink and need-to-know information
  • Major Arcana
    Roundhouse Aorii and Honya of Lyrical Spark again co-wrote their impression of the season’s new anime.  Unlike the others, the intent of this preview guide is to focus on just the few series that the two plan to watch or may watch.  Their insights are great and the layout is very pleasing to the eyes. 🙂
    Grade A for purtyness and making me want to watch series I wasn’t otherwise considering
  • Ani No Miyako
    This site provides describes several upcoming anime, placing them in categories based on how much Raito expects from the series.  By focusing more on opinion, the guide provide details that you might not otherwise encounter.  It also features Cowboybebimbop’s terrific anime chart.
    Grade A for depth and analysis
  • Emory Anime Club
    Check this site out for descriptions and impressions about each series this fall, as Tsuki and Steve write plenty about each show.  Add to that preview videos for most of the shows, and you might not have to go anywhere else.
    Grade A for one-stop shopping and youtubing
  • Tenka Seiha
    Another detailed site, this one differs from the rest because of the blogger’s personal thoughts.  Not only are they insightful, but they’re also very opinionated and sometimes very funny.  Plus, you won’t want to miss each series’ preseason swing rating!
    Grade A for interesting opinions and unique-osity

Other Preview-related Sites

  • Countdown Anime
    This fun site provides countdowns for each of the new anime this winter.  It’s a neat way to get even more excited about the upcoming season.
  • Moetron
    Charts, charts, and more charts!  Links to preview guide charts and extensive charts about each anime fill this page.  It’s worth a look if you’re looking for specific information or for a catch-all!

What I’m Looking Foward To

Looking at the “guide to guides” I did last season, I’m surprise by how the season went.  I intended to watch Star Driver, Bakuman, and Shinrei Tantei Yakumo.  I ended up dropping the first two (despite my love for the Bakuman manga) and didn’t even touch the last.  Instead, I finished OreImo and have on episode left of Fortune Arterial.  So, this just shows what I plan to watch won’t end up being what I do watch.  Either way, I only have two that are high on my radar right now: Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko), whose art I’ve already fallen in love with and whose storyline might be interesting to write on in light on my faith, and Fractale, which is just plain intriguing.

What are you looking forward to this winter?

7 thoughts on “A Guide to the Guides: Winter 2011 Anime Series

  1. I’m usually surprised at how the seasons go too (e.g.: I remember initially being put off by the character designs for Shiki, and then completely falling for them and the show as well hehe, defo. one of the best shows of 2010 for me). Also, I think we use the fabulous Scamp’s, and several other charts, too. 🙂 Thanks for the mention!

  2. I didn’t see the title of this post and was going to say “Wow, a guide to guides!” and feel all witty about it, but thank god I caught myself in time and now I’m explaining something that shouldn’t need to be explained.

    imo, RP does some awesome season previews. Scamp is pretty good at it too, but you can’t really make the chart and then make a season preview to go along with it…

    I’m probably going to watch:
    – Infinite Stratos, for its cool title
    – Beelzebub, so I can talk crap about it later
    – Level E, because lol
    – Starry Sky’s first episode, since it sounds like the worst idea since Miracle Train

  3. Yeah, this “guide” isn’t all-encompassing, and I certainly skipped even some from the major blogs. RP’s is excellent, though.

    Level E…hehe, I think I’ll avoid that one at all costs. Infinite Stratos – I admit, I often like harem shows and this one looks like it could be really good, so I might check it out also. Reverse harems, not so much, and I don’t think I enjoy train wrecks as much as you! 😛

  4. First watched Fractale, after ep1 I find it plain–though I love the art. Second, Hourou Musuko, it’s interesting however too much drama doesn’t suit my current state. Third Beezlebub and fourth Level E, I thought I can stand shounen but I failed. Lastly, Mahou Shoujo Madoka. I don’t like magical girls, but after ep1–who cares about magical girls, evil cotton balls and Shaft’s art are good enough for me to immediately watch ep2.

    1. I’m glad you finally found one you liked! Madoka would be my next choice, but I don’t think I’ll get to it. I’m gonna stick with Fractale, at least for a while, and I’m enjoying Wandering Son and Infinite Stratos so far.

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