Nicholas D. Wolfwood/Rez Week on Beneath the Tangles

Easter is upon is – in one week, Christians the world over will celebrate the day Jesus was resurrected.  It’s a joyous time for believers, and though its weight is sometimes lost in extraneous elements like Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, the holiday is the most meaningful one for Christians.

As I did in celebrating Christmas, I wanted to do something of note during the week leading up to Easter.  As a college student, I loved going to activities on my campus – it was a time when Christians from all denominations and levels of faith joined together to worship, hear awesome presentations, and pray.  While I won’t extend an invitation like that, I thought it would be a great time to write about one of the most famous Christian characters in anime – Nicholas D. Wolfwood of Trigun.

This week, we’ll talk about all about Wolfwood’s spirituality.  For instance, did you know that he may have been an Episcopalian priest (according to a commenter at TV Tropes, at least)?  But there’s more!  Here’s the line-up for the week:

  • Nothing Like God: Redeeming Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Monday)
  • Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: The Gospel According to Wolfwood (Tuesday)
  • While I Was Yet Lost: Wolfwood Meets Grace (Wednesday)
  • Aniblogger Testimony: Orthodoxy, Anime & Me (Thursday)
  • The Faith of Yasuhiro Nightow (Friday)
  • Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Violence, Grace and Redemption in Trigun (Saturday)
  • The Invisible God…in Trigun (Easter Sunday)

Note that we’ll also discuss Trigun in some posts that aren’t directly related to Wolfwood as well.  We’ll also take a break on Thursday for our weekly post in the Aniblogger Testimony series.

On a final note, I want to encourage those of you who will be going to church this Sunday (but typically don’t) to open yourself to the message.  Most of us become close-minded to certain ideas over time – it’s a natural process – and religion is certainly no different.  While some are searching for answers, many are actively not or have already decided on their beliefs.  Even if you don’t believe in Christ, I hope that you’ll listen to the message with an open mind and open heart.  Instead of being cynical, perhaps challenge God: “If you exist, God, show yourself to me.”  Let the possibility of the Easter story infuse you and challenge what you believe to be true.  Then, if you have questions, I’m here if you want them answered (well…I’ll at least try).

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the series!


5 thoughts on “Nicholas D. Wolfwood/Rez Week on Beneath the Tangles

  1. Ooo, Wolfwood is one of my favorite anime/manga characters. I will be sure to check these out. 🙂
    I never much thought of him as a Christian character, though. Though I guess if you consider Knives to be some sort of deity, and the Plants as gods…. Or maybe Vash as a sort of Jesus character. There is some religious symbolism going on, but the Eye of Michael is Knives’ personal group of assassins.

    Hm…clearly I haven’t put a lot of deep thought into Trigun, lol. So I look forward to your week of Wolfwood.

    1. I always pictured Vash as being symbolic of Jesus – I think there’s some heavy symbolism if you consider he and Knives the two Adams. But when I originally watched the series, I didn’t think of Wolfwood as much of a Christian figure, despite the obvious. But there’s definitely something to the connection.

      Note that I haven’t read the manga series, so the focus is only on the anime…it’s on my extensive “to read” list. 😛

      1. Oh, you REALLY need to read it. It’s amazing. And it gives a completely different outlook on Wolfwood. He lasts a LOT longer than he does in the anime and gets a lot more done.

  2. I too will be reading with interest, since although I have watched “Trigun,” it was a long time ago. Also, judging from the comments of so many who attribute great significance to this show, I wasn’t paying close enough attention. 🙂

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