It Is Finished

The recent Jesus anime, “My Last Day,” has gathered a buzz because of its unrelenting violence and high quality.  It follows Jesus’ final days as seen through the eyes of one of the thieves crucified next to Him on the cross.  Just before Jesus dies, he utters his final words: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

There are seven sayings of Jesus on the cross – at least one other is shown in the video, when Jesus addresses the thief.  But I want to focus on the one He said just before His final words: “It is finished.”

Today, on Easter Sunday, I hope you’ll reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection.  When Jesus said “it is finished,” his words were full of meaning.  Not only was his physical life over, but his ministry was also complete.  Jesus accomplished what He set out to do – everything changed.

Because of Jesus, we no longer had to do the impossible – achieve holiness – to be able to stand before a holy God.  It is Christ in us that frees us from the darkness in our hearts.  Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we are covered – we are holy, if we accept what He did for us and turn to Him.

He did what we could not.

It is finished.

Have a wonderful Easter, and please leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any questions about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

4 thoughts on “It Is Finished

  1. It was hard to watch that, short as it was… one of the reasons I still can’t bring myself to watch Passion of the Christ is because of how violent I’m told it is. Still, the violence helped create a very powerful image of Jesus’ sacrifice, and I really liked how the story was told through the perspective of the thief – a sinner, just like all the rest of us.

    1. Yeah, The Passion of the Christ is not for the faint of heart – Roger Ebert called it the most violent film he’d ever seen. It’s very difficult to watch, both because of the graphic violence and because we as the audience know Christ went through this.

      And I really enjoyed the point of view in the anime also – it really hits home precisely because he, like the rest of us, is a sinner.

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