Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Early Buddhism in Japan

Jonathan Tappan, who is well-versed in Buddhism, has posted a few more interesting, short essays on the religion on FunBlog.  Each post in this series is short and interesting, and they contain pictures of wonderful historic artwork.

The first is about Early Japanese Buddhist Sects, briefly recounting their history; Jonathan also makes an interesting comment about the name of K-On! character, Ritsu.  The second post discusses Shingon Buddhism, giving background information on Koubou-daishi, an interesting and significant historic figure.

The third post focuses on the most well-known sect in the west, Zen Buddhism.  Tappan relates a most interesting letter and a great story related to this type.  The fourth discusses Nichiren Buddhism and it’s importance in Japan.  In the final post, Jonathan discusses Pure Land Buddhism and gives example of how it shows up in anime.  It’s interesting to draw parallels between this sect and Christianity, where the concept of grace can be likewise cheapened and lead to depravity.

These brief history lessons are, I think, well worth your time.  Check them out!


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