Jumping Into…Chrono Crusade

Many of us have a list of anime we’d like to watch one day.  Within my own list is a smaller one consisting of anime that I particularly want to watch because of Christian themes, symbols, or characters contained within.  I’ve avoided that list for a while, but now I’m digging in.  I decided to start with Chrono Crusade, specifically because Kristin Bomba has recommended the series in the past.

Art by 茶柱

I may post about the series from time to time as I view it, but at the very least, I’ll end with a review (I’m also planning to include this series in my Christmas posts this year).  In the meantime, here are some my impressions after watching the first episode:

  • The creators really seem to have a good understanding of Christianity.  For instance, there’s a discussion about faith in which a character gives a pretty Biblical definition of the idea.
  • I was impressed by the lack of fanservice in the episode.  Unlike the Warrior Nun series, the lead in this one, Sister Rosette, is drawn in conservative (but cool) fashion.  Kudos!
  • The creators did, however, alter the series to make it palatable (more understandable?) to Japanese audiences.  For instance, the episode contained mentions of “spiritual energy” and Rosette has both a love interest and a perverted, old man admirer.
  • I’m genuinely interested in finding out what Chrono is and the conflict this will lead to.
  • I’m getting a Trigun vibe to this series – a lot of action (often goofy) and some seriousness, along with leads that can easily tow that line.  To me, that’s a good thing.
  • The dub is excellent.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy Hilary Haag’s voice acting.

The series is off to a good start and here’s hoping that it continues in that manner for another 23 episodes!


6 thoughts on “Jumping Into…Chrono Crusade

    1. The plot to the series (not movie!) is that there’s a nun who is trying to save her brother from the influence of evil, with the help of a demon that she befriended as a child (the horns that channeled evil into him were removed, leaving him fairly harmless). However, her time is running short, because the only way they can really fight other demons is from her befriended one transforming- and that steals away her life a little bit at a time.

      I’ve been avoiding the series for the while because of the “bad ending” it has. But I read the manga. I rather enjoyed it.

  1. Chrono Crusade would be one of the last few anime on my list for having Christian messages, but I look forward to your analysis, especially near the ending. I must admit, though, the beginning was beautiful. In fact, it was one of the first anime I watched, back when I downloaded each episode over phone line.

  2. You’re going to love it, or well I loved it years ago even if the drama in it can become stressing especially in the last couple of episodes…

    1. I keep hearing about these final few episodes…if nothing else, that’s driving me to see what that’s all about.

      Btw, your Kyubey avatar scares me. 😛

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