Christianity, Gnosticism, & Daoism in Penguindrum, a Chibi Crisis of Faith, and Sankaku (Christian) Complex

Another week, another spattering of Mawaru Penguindrum posts that talk religion: vucubcaquix mentions the Christian apologetic argument that an orderly creation is evidence of a creator as he describes Ringo’s feelings about fate; Ephemeral Dreams points out the yin and yang of the series and explains the idea, emphasized in Daoism; and draggle continues with his analysis of gnostic symbols in the show.

Landon explores a crisis of faith and other spiritual aspects in episode one of Chibi Devi.

I’m not sure what to make of this, but Ronin Frontier presents a humorous reflection on quite a change in Sankaku Complex’s focus.

Connie reviews volume 7 of JinJun Park’s Raiders, a manhwa featuring Judeo-Christian elements.

Reverse Thieves’ “Manga of the Month” is Saint Young Men, one of the most interesting and unique concepts in all manga.


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