Fan Art: Chris and Joy of Superbook

For many (particularly “older” anime fans), our first taste of anime was through an unlikely source – church or Christian television.  Superbook, an anime produced in corporation with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), was one of two anime series (along with Flying House) that many adults are familiar with, even if they know nothing else of the medium.  The show follows Chris (Sho) and Joy (Azusa), two children who venture back in time through use if the Superbook.

I recently came across a piece of fanart featuring these two characters and wanted to share it:

Superbook Joy Chris

Artist Reflections

The original Super book was apart of my childhood I wanted to see what it would look like in current anime style. I hope it inspires other fans to make something. I believe God has big plans for Anime/animation in the future.

The drawing was illustrated by Christopher Garcia, who has recently started blogging.


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    I watched this show a bajillion times over as a kid. The fall of Jericho, Nehemiah and the construction of the walls of Jerusalem, Esther & Mordacai, I loooove those episodes soooo much.

  2. I’m from Brazil and only found 7 dubbed episodes and I loved this drawing is beautiful and her teenage version was excellent 😀

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